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          For Muslims, as for all others, the Lord Jesus Christ remains the only way to pardon, true peace and the assurance of Heaven.  The great majority of Muslims have not yet been given the opportunity to know who Jesus Christ is or what He has done for them.


          Who will take the message of freedom, light and salvation to these people?  Who will reach out and support the vulnerable, new believers?


          God loves Muslims and is at work, opening up Islamic strongholds, motivating His people for service, enabling their support and preparing the ground.  Increasing numbers of Muslims are being won for Christ but the challenge is as great as ever and the spiritual opposition ever present.


          Have we caught your attention yet? Do you share our concern for Muslims?  Maybe God is stirring your heart and calling you to be a life-saver; serving, supporting or praying for God's love to be known throughout the Muslim world.





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