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Choosing a mission agency that is a good fit for you is very important.

It can help prevent future misunderstandings and problems.

What should you check out?

How do I join a mission agency?

Your fit to the mission agency
  • Statement of faith: do you agree with it?
  • Vision, mission, and values: do theirs match yours?
  • Do they have expertise in the area in which you plan to work?
  • What is their financial policy?
  • Preparation: how do they prepare you?
  • Home church: how will they work together with your home church?
  • How will they assist you in understanding cross-cultural dynamics?
  • How will they help you develop a support team?
Ongoing support

Ongoing support:

  • How is member care carried out?
  • Do they have regular debriefings?
  • What is their security policy?
  • What in-service training do they offer?
  • How do they assist your home assignments?
  • How will they facilitate your final re-entry?
  • What is their medical and emergency plan?
  • What is their pension plan?
Mission Leadership


  • Is the agency led by an individual or a leadership team?
  • How are leaders chosen?
  • How do you communicate with the leadership?
  • How much freedom does the agency give you as a member?
  • How does the agency give you a voice?
  • Is there accountability as well as flexibility?
Management and Administration

Management and administration:

  • How will your financial support be processed?
  • How do they provide secure communication channels?
A large or small mission agency?

Size, how large is the agency:

Smaller agencies:
– Tend to have a friendly family-feel about them.
– May have organisational weaknesses due to lack of resources and personnel.
Larger agencies:
– May provide stronger organisational support.
– Can be bureaucratic and impersonal.

It is likely that the most important factor that will determine your success and sense of wellbeing is the local team you work with. Good local team dynamics and your ability to work well in a team are extremely important.

Speak to someone about whether ReachAcross is the right mission agency for you?

Home Church Mission Board

What about your home church's mission board?

If your home church has a mission board that is the first option you should explore, providing it…

  • Has a well established mission programme.
  • Shares your vision.
  • Works in the region you want to.
  • Is able to provide adequate ongoing support.

If your church does not meet those criteria, then explore mission agencies.

Most mission agencies will partner with your church to help you fulfil your vision.

Take a look at ReachAcross’ mission preparation programme and support services.

Speak to someone in ReachAcross about how we can support your vision and passion

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