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Our Values

Service: We aim to serve with excellence, respect, and humility – so that Jesus Christ is honoured in all we do.

Love: We are devoted to loving God, our fellow workers, and Muslims – to ensure that our motives for service are worthy.

Prayer: We make prayer a priority – that we may know God, and his guidance and enabling for service and ministry.

Teamwork: We commit to working in teams, to partnering with those who share our goals. We value the strength and creative synergy that mutual interdependence brings to any task.

Courage: We live and work under God’s direction, and are prepared to face tough challenges and fears in spite of possible failure, danger, intimidation or loss.

Integrity: We endeavour to be people of integrity, to build trust, and to have a compelling witness among Muslims.

Learning: We seek to be a ‘learning’ people, to understand ‘the times’, and encourage innovation.

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